Estee Lauder

The launch of its first fragrance, Young Dew, in 1953, was a phenomenal success, with sales yielding $5 million a year within its first decade on the market. The men's colony, Aramis, is also one of the best-selling. True to Lauder's powerful power in the cosmetics industry, the company also created an impressive array of scented aromas including: Pleasures, Beautiful, White Linen (including body lotion, body cream, body dust, bath gel and shower). In addition, Aliage, Azurée, Cinnabar (body lotion), Dazzling Gold, Dazzling Silver. The characteristic aroma of Estée for men and women (including body lotion and body powders). Intuition (spray and lotion), Knowing (body lotion and whipped body cream). Private Collection, SpellBound and Tuscany Per Donna complete the fragrance line.