Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion designer especially known for his men's clothing. Armani began his career as a storefront designer in a department store and made his way to becoming a menswear shopper. From 1960 to 1972 he worked as a designer for the well-known home of Nino Cerutti and then worked as a freelance designer for several fashion houses before founding his own brand. She presented her first men's clothing collection in 1975, followed by a line for women that same year. Armani gained a wider audience for his work with the popular film "American Gigolo", in which Richard Gere's character wore elegant Designs by Armani. This would be the first of many future film collaborations.

The brand expanded in the late 1970s and early 1980s, offering a variety of collections at different price points, jeans, underwear, accessories, and through an agreement with L'Oreal, fragrances and beauty products. Giorgio Armani Beauty introduced Armani for Women in 1982, followed by Armani for Men in 1984. These two perfumes are part of a long and successful series of fragrances emitted by this brand, which continues into the 21st century.


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