Its fragrances are designed to convey a wide range of emotions. The Ysatis perfume was released in 1984; Amarige Perfume in 1991; and the fragrance of Organza in 1996, each of which is critically acclaimed. Very Irrésistible Givenchy, released in 2003 and promoted by actress Liv Tyler, combines femininity and boldness into a unique perfume. The company describes the Perfume Ange Ou Démon as "an exceptional fragrance between sleep and extreme refinement". Givenchy's men's fragrance line began with the Monsieur de Givenchy colony, launched in 1959. Additional scents followed, with Givenchy Gentleman in 1975, Xeryus in the 1980s and Pi in the 1990s. The Blue Label colony for men, a "relaxed" version of Givenchy pour Homme, is a fresh and dynamic aroma intended for the active man.