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Paco Rabanne appeared as a fashion house for the first time in a parade in 1966 in Paris. Under this artistic name began his solo career Basque designer Francisco Rabaneda y Cuervo, who had spent the previous years designing fashion accessories for different French brands. He soon began to stand out for his modern and unconventional style in each of his collections, a distinction that he also transferred to the Paco Rabanne perfume line.

The first perfume of Paco Rabanne came to light in 1969. We speak of Calandre, a fragrance considered revolutionary for its intensity. In 1973 would come Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, and in collaboration with the Puig House. After the retirement of Rabanne, appeared on the scene all the XS collection and other hits essential and recognized by all as 1 Million, Lady Million, Invictus, Ultraviolet and Olympéa, among others.

Paco Rabanne perfumes for men and women are always at the top of the best-selling fragrances on the market. His innovative touch and the originality of its bottles make them a safe bet. In Sabina Store you will discover the best selection of perfumes at incredible prices. Buy now in our online store and in a few days you will receive your order without leaving home.


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Paco Rabanne Perfumes

Exclusivity, originality, revolutionary aromas and avant-garde bottles are some of the hallmarks of Paco Rabanne perfumes. Since its inception, the brand has stood out for its innovative air that is also reflected in each of the fragrances that has been on the market for more than 40 years and that in Sabina Store you will find just a click away. Among the most recognized Paco Rabanne perfume ranges are:

  • XS: innovative since its inception, when they launched XS Men in 1993. The entire XS range includes soft and fresh scents for both women and men.

  • Million: 1 Million (men's fragrance) and Lady Million (women's fragrance) have broken the mould. And all the fragrances of this line that have come after, too. Youthful airs for all audiences.

  • Ultraviolet: matter and light mixed with emotion in the feminine range and with energy in the masculine, are the main lines of all Ultraviolet perfumes.

  • Invictus and Olympéa: the fragrances for powerful men and women respectively. A classic hero and a powerful goddess embody this collection of Paco Rabanne perfumes.

  • Pacollection: a collection of six unisex perfumes offering different scents in striking bottles. Clash of fragrances with suggestive and unique touches in each one of them.

Paco Rabanne women's perfumes

The universe of perfumes for women of Paco Rabanne stands out for its oriental style fragrances, woody and fruity. Seductive touches to bring out the best in women. In Sabina you will find Lady Million and its versions Fabulous, Empire or Lucky as well as the perfumes Olympéa, Ultraviolet, Pure XS for her and Black XS for her. Which one do you prefer?

Paco Rabanne men's perfumes

Paco Rabanne men's perfumes are always a winning hand within the male fragrances. From its most classic names like Pour Homme, through 1 Million, Invictus or the entire XS range, to the latest release of the house: the Phantom cologne, which can also be recharged, you will be acquiring a scent that will mark your days. Buy them now at the best price in our online store.

Paco Rabanne bathroom lines

In Sabina Store you can also find Paco Rabanne swimwear for men and women. Discover within the men's line the best Paco Rabanne deodorants, both in stick and spray, as well as after shave to use after shaving, and shower gels, all of them from the same collections as your favourite perfumes. Within the women's bath collection you can buy the best lotions for the body to restore hydration and the best smell after bathing.