In the early 1990s, a shoemaker named Jimmy Choo, operating in London's East End, caught the attention of several celebrities, including Princess Diana. After several years of increasing notoriety, in 1996, the Jimmy Choo brand was officially founded with Choo, his niece Sandra Choi and OBE Tamara Mellon in the reigns. The first store opened that year on Motcomb Street in London. Although Jimmy Choo left the company in 2001 and Tamara Mellon left in 2011, Sandra Choi remains the company's creative director, known for her glamorous high-heeled women's shoes and exquisitely designed men's shoes. The company is also a leading designer of women's handbags and accessories. In 2001, Jimmy Choo released her first self-titled feminine perfume. With notes of sweet caramel candy and Indonesian patchouli, this fragrance placed the fashion house in the world of world fragrances. Later that year, the design house launched the Jimmy Choo Limited Edition fragrance. The designer has several fragrance offerings for women, including Jimmy Choo Exotic, Flash London Club, Jimmy Choo Parfum and Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette. All aromas have different scent notes, but share ethereal and finely detailed bottles, specially designed to bring the high style and glamour of the old world to the table or countertop. The 2014 launch of Jimmy Choo Man, which intermies notes of earthy, fruity and fruity aroma, is the debut masculine fragrance of the fashion design house.