The Kenzo house began as Jungle Jap in 1970, a fashion boutique located in Paris in Galerie Vivienne. It was there that founder Kenzo Takada presented his first perfume, King Kong, in 1978. Takada was not in the perfume business at the time, but the King Kong line shows his old interest in the world of fragrances. Takada attended Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo as one of the few male students. She moved from Japan to France in 1964 and sold women's fashion items under Jungle Jap. He is known for introducing Japanese fashion to the world and incorporating traditional Japanese designs, elements of nature and cultural diversity. Kenzo's name began in 1976 as a Paris-based fashion house. Kenzo's perfume department, Kenzo Parfums, was started in 1987, and the fashion house premiered Kenzo for Women in 1988. However, the name was changed to a sent boyfriend, which means "smells good". launched a variety of other fragrances for both sexes, including Flower by Kenzo, a perfume that increased the company's stature. Takada presented his first men's collection in 1983, followed by lines for home and children in 1987. He joined the LVMH Group in 1993 but retired in 1999. However, since then it has been active in furniture and home décor. In 2011, the founders of Opening Ceremony, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, became artistic directors of the fashion house Kenzo, and the two have expanded Kenzo's name while remaining true to Takada's vision.