Blue Therapy Multi-Defender: The Biotherm cosmetic revolution.

Blue Therapy Multi-Defender: The Biotherm cosmetic revolution.

Published 2017-03-15

Blue Therapy Multi-Defender is the perfect treatment that fights the three signs of aging - say goodbye to wrinkles, lack of firmness and dark spots.

All Biotherm products are enriched with a"magic" substance, Life Plankton™, a pure thermal plankton extract containing 35 nutrients, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids and trace elements that help revitalize the basic functions of the skin essential for your health.

The mission of the Blue Therapy Multi-Defender line is to repair the three signs of aging that most women worry about: wrinkles, dark spots and the lack of firmness that over time invades our skin

At Sabina Perfumery we offer you three Blue Therapy Multi-Defender cosmetic products to include in your daily beauty routine from now on.

Blue Therapy Multi-Defender for Dry Skin

If your skin is dry, this is the perfect treatment for you, it is the first anti-ageing treatment that protects you from UVB, long UVA rays and also from damage caused by external agents, it contains anti-oxidant Baicalin and F.Lumbricalis algae that delays the signs of aging, and makes your skin younger and more beautiful with this wonderful treatment

Tested results:

Uniform tone for 84%
Smoother skin for 85%
Greater firmness for 76% Less wrinkles and wrinkles

Relax! this treatment is also available for normal skin, the perfect symbiosis of skin protection and repair in a single treatment. buy Blue Therapy Multi-Defender SPF25 for normal skin at a price of 48.95€

The make-up remover that strengthens your lashes

In case you didn't know it, one of the most important processes of the beauty ritual is to remove make-up, it is very important that you clean your face well before going to bed and remove any make-up or residue that may be left on it, during the night the most important cellular regeneration processes take place and we must allow our skin to be clean so that it can breathe and rest as it deserves.

That's why we recommend Biocils Gelée Eye Makeup Remover Tonic, which gently removes eye makeup and has revolutionary eyelash-strengthening technology, ideal for people with sensitive eyes and contact lenses.

Tested results:

Protects and strengthens lashes.

Limits the fall of the eyelashes when removing make-up.

Stops his fall when it comes to removing make-up.

Get more beautiful eyelashes.

We hope that from now on you will be encouraged to try one of the products in the Blue Therapy Multi-Defender line from Biotherm.

Thank you for reading us.

See you next time.

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Blue Therapy Multi-Defender: The Biotherm cosmetic revolution.