The world's best-selling illuminator turns 25.

The world's best-selling illuminator turns 25.

Published 2017-04-12

The illuminator Touche Éclat presents one of his most beautiful special editions on the occasion of his 25th birthday

We're celebrating the fact that the number one illuminator and top seller in the world is celebrating its 25th birthday: How does your body look?...I'm sure that when you read the title of this entry when you read the word"Touche Eclat", this cosmetic product has revolutionized thousands of women all over the world, an illuminator of the most versatile and controversial type that for many years has given us the best looks, campaigns and opinions of all kinds....

Who hasn't already used this wonderful eye illuminator or has a friend who has recommended it to us? if you haven't already put yourself in her hands from Sabina Perfumery we strongly recommend you to do it, you'll think that how could you have lived without it during all this time.

What makes the Touche Éclat Illuminator so special?

Like everything else in life, simple ideas are the ones that triumph, and so is this illuminator, whose function is none other than to eliminate areas of shadow from the face, thus capturing light and a totally radiant and luminous effect.

It eliminates dark circles under the eyes and the effects of fatigue in a single gesture, that's why it's known as the illuminator that provides 8 hours of sleep without sleep. Isn't it great?

Each one of us is different and so is the tone of our skin, not just any tone, but this illuminator gives us the chance to choose between seven different shades.

We can try different shades on the back of our hands to find out exactly which colour best suits our face, and after so many years on the market today, shade 2 is considered the best selling shade in the world.

Shade 1 tends to a more pinkish colour and tone 3 is suitable for darker skin.

The Birthday Illuminator launches a star-studded Special Edition

iluminador touche eclat edición especial 25 aniversario

Yves Saint Laurent is known as a cosmetic firm that launches numerous special editions, and the format of this illuminator has inspired many moments, seasons and special collections, now that it is 25 years old the motif for its format is these little black stars on its beautiful golden body.

The stars represent luck and festivity and the Touche Èclat Collector 25 Anniversary has celebrated it in style

Now available in our online store you can buy it now with a 35% discount, click on the image and add it to your shopping cart and we will send it home with gift samples for you to try other of our products

How to use the Touche Éclat Illuminator?

Without a doubt, this illuminator will become your best ally that you will always want to take with you, and it has excellent moisturizing properties that, when combined with your make-up, will achieve a perfect result, without cracking and ugly cracks as with other products.

As a push button, press the button on the back of the illuminator several times to bring the product to the brush; once it is moistened (you don't need to over-impregnate it), apply it to the dark areas of the skin you want to illuminate; it is ideal for areas of the nose fins, corners of the lips, expression lines, around the eyes, eyebrows and cheeks.

An all-round illuminator with which you can light up your face in a single gesture.

Alba Galocha shows us in this video she recorded for Yves Saint Laurent in 2014 how to use it and its little beauty tricks.

Would you like to try it?

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The world's best-selling illuminator turns 25.