How to take care of our hair in summer

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Follow these simple guidelines and look beautiful, radiant and full of life

Especially in summer, our hair suffers from a lot of aggressions: prolonged exposure to the sun, salt water from the sea, chlorine from the pool and high temperatures affect the health of our hair, thus disadvantaging the appearance of our hair.

We often forget about it or make hundreds of excuses for not treating our hair the way it deserves to be treated; summer not only clears our heads of daily stress and obligations, it also doesn't bring us only that love that we take a few winters to forget.

If we don't pay special attention, it can also leave us with a rough, frizzy, faded and dull hair as a souvenir, so we don't want that, girls, so today we're bringing you some very practical and simple tips so that this summer you can take care of your hair as it deserves

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Keys to a perfect mane this summer

1. Even if it's the tips: If you're the kind of person who doesn't want to cut your hair, we recommend that you at least cut your hair in summer, this will reinforce the look and growth of your hair, if you don't mind and you dare to cut it in layers, this cut is very versatile for the summer, easy to brush and adds a lot of volume to your hair.

2. Wet your hair before getting into the pool or the sea: If you have the opportunity to do so and you have a shower within your reach, we recommend that you wet your hair before entering the pool or the sea, because thanks to this gesture you will get your hair to absorb less chlorine or salt

3. Use natural products when exposed to the sun: Before sunbathing, avoid chemical products such as hairspray, hair spray, hair gel or foams, and use sunscreen oils that protect your hair from the sun's rays, such as LANCASTER SUN BEAUTY HAIR MULTI-REPAIRING OIL SERUM This repair serum will help you to repair the damage caused by the sun and external agents in your hair, pour the product from half to ends and repeat the process several times during the time you are sunbathing.

4. Brush with TANGLE TEEZER: Undoubtedly the brand of brushes that has revolutionized the market, untangle your hair instantly without tugging, pain or excessive hair loss, and it will leave your hair completely shiny, if you still do not know them we invite you to access now to our online perfumery and look at all our models

5. Hydrate well: Just as our body needs to drink an average of two liters of water a day, our hair should also be hydrated, so it is best to use a moisturizing shampoo and a mask or conditioner that strengthens and repairs your hair MOROCCANOIL MOISTURE REPAIR SHAMPOO and MOROCCANOIL HYDRATING CONDITIONER are two products that come in great handy - you'll fall in love with them!

Follow these tips and always buy quality products, and you will have a radiant hair, full of life and light.

Happy summer and windblown mane!


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