The love story between David Beckham and Biotherm Homme.

The love story between David Beckham and Biotherm Homme.

Published 2017-11-08

Discover why David Beckham only wants Biotherm Homme for his skin care.

David Beckham is undoubtedly one of the most desired men in the world, and Victoria Beckham's luck is much desired, because he not only takes away anyone's hiccups for his physique, but also for his ideals, his excellent game that made the world of football vibrate and now collaborates with great brands, such as Biotherm Homme, and in his last campaign David Beckham presented the Force Supreme range with"The Story of My Life is Written on My Skin".

At Sabina Perfumery we offer you the full range of the Biotherm Homme Force Supreme to make you look as well cared for, radiant and beautiful as David Beckham's. Through the tattooed body of the ex-football player, the world ambassador for Biotherm Homme creates a line of men's skin care, through his tattoos he tells his story, his life and his skin care with this world-renowned cosmetic brand

After passing the 40-year-old barrier, David Beckham is aware of the importance of caring for his skin, which is why he says that at home he uses the Force Supreme Serum, which regenerates the skin from the inside and fills it with life... This serum has advanced technology to improve the quality of the structure of the skin that has deteriorated over time... The skin appears firmer and more revitalized and wrinkles are smoothed out... David Beckham knows this too well and has therefore chosen this brand to be his reference in cosmetics

In his words, he made a statement in which he stated the following:

I am delighted to work with Biotherm HommeI've been thinking about developing a skin care line for a long time and it wasn't until I started talking to Biotherm that everything suddenly fell into place that they're as ambitious as I am and we hope to show everyone the fruits of our collaboration soon.

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The love story between David Beckham and Biotherm Homme.