Christmas makeup. Keys to success.

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Succeed with a Christmas makeup that will be the attention of all eyes this Christmas.

Christmas is approaching and with it Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and the thousand and one dinners with friends, co-workers, family, etc. Surely you've already thought about what to wear or what look to wear, but what about your Christmas makeup?

Christmas make-up is very important, it's the magical touch of your face with those people you haven't seen for a long time, and at this time of year, Christmas make-up invites you to golden tones, red lips and subtle touches of glitter and smoky eyes, a festive make-up that defines the fullness with which we close a year and give rise to a new one, and at Sabina Store we want you to succeed in everything and enjoy these beautiful parties.

We offer you a wide range of make-up so that you don't miss any detail, from the eyelashes, through the eyebrows, cheekbones, face, lips and anything else you can think of to make up that beautiful face

Keys to making your Christmas makeup a success

It's time for you to take out all the heavy artillery and uncover the beauty within you. And how do you do that? First of all look in the mirror. Be proud of who you are. Be proud of what you've achieved and what you haven't achieved this year. Because even in"failures" there's the silence that awaits success. And you have a lot of success.

If not, visit our special makeup section now and get your hands on the trendy tones and products at the best price - now take a shot of what you can't afford to miss to make your Christmas makeup a success.

1. Apply a little foundation to the central part of your lips, because in addition to doing it on your face as you always do, if you do it in the center of your lips, you'll give it a touch of light and volume, an addition to succeed with your Christmas make-up, top off the gesture with mattifying powders so that the base lasts longer, you know that at this time of year you can tie up lunches with dinners, dinners with drinks and whatever else you can get!

2. We recommend HYPNOSE VOLUME MASCARA LANCÔME, which increases the volume of your lashes and gives you a hypnotic look, a customised, permanent and ultra-light volume.

3. The eyebrows are also combed and made up, the eyebrows are often the eternal forgotten ones, and we can make the most of them, there is no perfect Christmas make-up without good eyebrows previously plucked, combed and made up, a little trick: you can use a little lacquer to fix them, take a look at our EYEBROWERS

4. The white shade in the area of the tear duct can't be missing, why? the white will rejuvenate your look and is ideal to combine with the other touches of shadows you want to give it

5. Use an illuminator as a finishing touch, this will make your pretty face stand out and we definitely recommend the top of the top, TOUCHE ECLAT DE YVES SAINT LAURENT


New Year's Eve is the most special night of the year, it is a night where we say goodbye to many moments lived, chapters, people and we welcome you waiting impatiently and our best wishes, a better year, so it is very important that we welcome you as you deserve, and we can not find a better way to do it with a good Christmas makeup. 3 different types to you to apply the one that best suits your style.


1. Smooky eyes

The classic of the classics, the timeless one. The one that never goes out of style like cowboys. Who doesn't look good in this type of makeup? It's ideal for a Christmas makeup

Maquillaje para Nochevieja, smooky eyes

2. Long live the golden one!

Gold is a color that we probably won't dare to wear for the rest of the year, now you have no excuse to do it for a year, it highlights your look and gives it a chic and elegant touch.

Maquillaje para Nochevieja, dorado

3. Pink shades with a silver touch

Two exquisite combinations to make your Christmas makeup a success.

Maquillaje para Nochevieja, plata


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