Beauty Trends 2018: The five keys that will change everything.

Beauty Trends 2018: The five keys that will change everything.

Published 2017-12-20

The 2018 beauty trends by the hand of Sabina Store.

The new year is approaching and with it the arrival of new purposes, a new agenda where we can write down all the goals we want to achieve and of course the new beauty trends 2018 What will these new 365 days bring us? I wish we knew... Surely we would save ourselves a lot of headaches and be better prepared... But in the magic of uncertainty lies also success... So whatever it may be, always do it all with love and bring out the best version of yourself

What we can assure you are the 2018 beauty trends, five are the keys that will transform certain habits and trends, do you want to join the car? don't miss any details and write down everything well, if you want to continue being an influence you must keep the following in mind.

1. Clean cosmetics will overtake natural cosmetics

One of the beauty trends of 2018 will be the predilection for clean cosmetics: the changes in habits towards an increasingly healthy trend in both food and cosmetics we use have led many brands to position themselves by creating natural products, i.e. the consumer is increasingly looking at ingredients, what the products they buy are made of, natural products are not always free of harmful substances, such as sulphates, parabens, silicones, etc. However, the term clean cosmetics refers to free products and free brands.

2. The J-Beauty takes the place of the K-Beauty

K-Beauty refers to Korean cosmetics and J-Beauty to Japanese cosmetics, and in recent times Korean cosmetics has occupied the most important positions in this sector. the search for the perfect skin of Korean women has led to the sale of numerous cosmetic products made from green tea and snail slime, thus achieving an ultra-hydrated, very fresh and luminous skin. what will happen in the beauty trends 2018? with the economic recovery of Japan, J-Beauty will come back?

3. Say no to pollution

That pollution is on the rise is no secret, which is why we are increasingly concerned about environmental issues, and why our cosmetics protect us from pollution, which is why it is expected that by 2018 the supply of anti-pollution products will increase, for example in the UK, this type of product has increased by £3.1 million in the second half of the year, so don't be surprised if you see a very strong 2018 beauty trend in cosmetic products that protect your skin from production, and it is also important that they tackle other external agents that cause us damage

4. Less is more

In fact, the premise of less is more and more true. 2018 aims to simplify our beauty routine. 2018 is about creating multifunctional products. 3-in-1 products that are really effective and very competitive. 3-in-1 products that save us time, make us less lazy, save us from taking care of our skin and no longer have excuses for not following a daily beauty ritual

5. Increased presence of inclusive brands

A clear example of an inclusive brand in 2017 was Fent Beauty with the multicoloured launch of Rihanna, which turned the world of cosmetics on its head, despite the critics who say that"black skin doesn't sell". 2018 will see more inclusive cosmetic brands breaking the rules and including in their proposals those hitherto not so"well seen" canons or stereotypes.

Join the 2018 beauty trends and if you have another one we don't know yet, tell us about it!

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Beauty Trends 2018: The five keys that will change everything.