Sabina's Perfumery, the heart of solidarity.

Sabina's Perfumery, the heart of solidarity.

Published 2017-12-27

Sabina Perfumery beats in the heart of the most supportive by donating 1% of its profits from the Christmas campaign to Cáritas Diocesana Canarias.

Sabina Store the most awarded perfumery company in Spain names the actress from Gran Canaria, Lili Quintana, one of the most beloved and admired professionals in the Canary Islands, as an ambassador of the Solidarity Campaign that the entity carries out every Christmas, in which it will allocate, as it has been doing since 2012, 1% of the turnover of its Christmas campaign to purchasing food products for Caritas Diocesana Canarias.

The most rewarded, the most supportive

Sabina StoreIt is not only the most awarded perfumery in Spain, but also one of the most supportive, and all thanks to the generosity of its customers, which is why, as every year at Christmas, it once again allocates part of its sales to the most underprivileged population, and contributes its grain of sand through the organization Caritas Diocesana de Canarias, with which it has collaborated for several years.

Similarly, the entire staff of the great Sabina Store family would like to thank each and every one of its customers for making this donation possible, which this year has its own'fairy godmother', whose solidarity has led her to star in the awareness campaign so that all of us canaries think a little about the people who most need our help, especially at these important dates.

17.000 kilos of food

Last Christmas, Caritas Diocesana de Canarias received more than 17,000 kilos of food in the 2016 solidarity campaign thanks to the agreement with Sabina Store.

The delivery consisted of staple foods such as pasta, milk, rice, gofio, oil, pulses and sugar, meeting the needs and management capacity agreed with Caritas Diocesana de Canarias.

Thanks to this beautiful initiative, customers of Sabina Beauty&Fashion are collaborating with a good cause with their purchases.

The campaign began last Tuesday, December 5, 2017 and will continue until January 5, 2018, coinciding with the month of greatest collection of the company.

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Sabina's Perfumery, the heart of solidarity.