Repair visible signs of aging with the new Biotherm® anti-aging cream

Repair visible signs of aging with the new Biotherm® anti-aging cream

Published 2018-03-14

Discover Biotherm's new anti-ageing cream, a unique treatment for naturally firming the skin

Biotherm has done it again, transforming the power of nature into an anti-ageing cream that improves the skin day after day.

From the beginning, the history of Biotherm has been directly related to nature and in particular to the thermal springs of the Pyrenees, where Dr. Jos Jullien discovered one of the excellent powers of a substance on the surface of the baths, the Life Plankton, after the union between Dr. Julien and the young cosmetologist Jeanine Marissal when they discovered the enormous potential of this ingredient for cosmetic treatments, Biotherm was born

Blue Therapy Red Algae Uplift is now available, an anti-ageing cream especially designed for women who want to look younger and younger in a natural way, with the passage of time, the loss of collagen and firmness in our skin is inevitable, causing the appearance of wrinkles and the eye contour to look more marked.

Formulated with Life Plakton and enriched with red algae, it helps to reduce the visible effects of aging, and after application, you will achieve a smoother, more luminous skin and reduce the defined appearance of the eye contour.


The main factor to take into account when applying the cream to your face is to activate the circulation... Do it in such a way that it covers your entire face and neck, sliding your fingers from the inside to the outside of your face.

For best results, use Blue Therapy Red Algae Uplift Cure with your anti-ageing cream, a daily firming treatment formulated with the same ingredients as the cream, to make it the perfect complement to your beauty treatment.

Almost immediately, you will notice how the firmness of your skin improves visibly and after a month of constant application, the cockerel legs and the fall of the facial contour are reduced.

To achieve its effects, you do not need to use a large amount of product. 6 drops on your forehead, cheekbones, chin, neck and décolleté and make small touches around your face and neck until completely absorbed, always making gentle, circular movements.

The results of their analyses speak for themselves, with 96% of women happy with the change in their skin after the application of Biotherm's Blue Therapy treatment, try the Blue Therapy Red Algae Uplift anti-ageing cream together with the Blue Therapy Red Algae Uplift Cure Serum and don't give up on looking younger and more natural every day.

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Repair visible signs of aging with the new Biotherm® anti-aging cream