Lancôme Cosmetics: Luxury cosmetics for your skin

Lancôme Cosmetics: Luxury cosmetics for your skin

Published 2018-03-21

Lancôme cosmetics is inspired by avant-garde research, discover the wide range of products in our Sabina Perfumery shop.

Founded in 1935 by Armand Petitjean, Lancôme cosmetics has become one of women's favourite brands for their daily beauty routines - and no wonder!

With a unique vision, Lancôme has become a pioneering brand, anticipating the needs of women in the future by designing formulas to meet their current needs... A generation of women who are always short of time and need solutions that adapt to their lifestyle without compromising on quality.

Lancôme is associated with concepts such as positive beauty, emotion, strength and femininity, which is why women of the stature of Julia Roberts, Penélope Cruz and Emma Watson have all been part of the brand image, representing the modern woman, a beautiful and talented woman, confident and self-confident and who loves to take care of herself.

In Sabina Store you will find the entire range of Lancôme products, from perfumes and make-up to different cosmetic products, but today we would like to introduce you to the Lacôme Génifique line of cosmetics.


Lancôme's Génifique line is a treatment designed to repair the visible signs of aging, and in just seven days you will achieve radiant, youthful skin that is suitable for all skin types.

Lancome Genifique Day Cream: The treatment that will allow you to activate the genes, its formula reactivates the production of proteins in charge of showing the youth of your skin and that diminish with the passage of time, apply it every day, and after one week, you will notice the difference.

Lancome Genifique Night Cream: An extra help for your skin, a night treatment that stimulates the activity of the genes, from the first application, the skin begins to regenerate and when you wake up, you feel a more rested and illuminated skin.

Advanced Genifique Serum: For the first time, Lancome achieves the secret equation of youth, with a combination of active ingredients that reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenates the skin and gives it greater radiance and firmness, applies a small amount of serum to the face before moisturizing cream, and massages it into the skin until it is completely absorbed.

Advanced Genifique Hydrogel Mask: A mask for all skin types that provides luminosity and softness from the first moment. With the same Bifidus extracts as the Advanced Genifique Serum, this flash effect mask leaves the skin radiant without any greasy effect, leaving it to act for up to 30 minutes and gently massaging the excess product until it is completely absorbed.

Remember that you can buy these cosmetic products and many more at Sabina Store, and now when you buy through our online store, your purchases have a gift - don't miss them!

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Lancôme Cosmetics: Luxury cosmetics for your skin