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3 ene

Eyelashes with volume. Yes, thank you. Hypnose de Lacôme makes it possible.

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Get voluminous eyelashes thanks to the Hynose formula from Lancôme, we offer it to you at the best price at Sabina Perfumery.

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20 dic

Beauty Trends 2018: The five keys that will change everything.

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The 2018 beauty trends by the hand of Sabina Store.

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25 oct

Hyaluronic Acid. Its use in cosmetics.

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Hyaluronic acid is one of the most widely used substances in the world of cosmetics, find out why and what its benefits are.

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4 sep

Autumn make-up by Clarins

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Clarins presents his fall makeup. The sweetest of all time.

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16 ago

How to take care of our hair in summer

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Follow these simple guidelines and look beautiful, radiant and full of life

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6 jul

You want some fuller eyelashes? Lancôme makes it possible.

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Get voluminous eyelashes in a single gesture, with an infarct look for a perfect fit.

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21 jun

Foreo. The fashionable facial brush that's causing a stir.

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The fashionable facial brush that is revolutionizing the world of facial cosmetics, get to know it and buy it at the best price at Sabina Perfumery.

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