Sorteo de Verano en Sabina Store

Classic or modern father? Solve the dilemma by participating in our draw of a jar of the classic bottled Eau de Toilette by Hugo Boss and the sensual Calvin Klein Eternity Men... and it's safe!

1. Follow a @WeAreSabina in Instagram.
2. Mention in a comment to three friends.
3. Be patient until we say the winner's name!

Important: The entries will only be valid in the original post of the sweepstakes.

Participating profiles that do not meet the above requirements will not enter the sweepstakes.
Duration of the sweepstakes the duration of the draw is from March 15 to March 18, 2019 at 23:59:00. Any participation before or after the date indicated is not to be contemplated in the sweepstakes. As winners are chosen among all the participants, winners will be chosen through the tool. It is elegiráúnicamente among people who meet all the requirements discussed above. We'll announce their names on March 19th in Instagram. We will contact the winner/s of the contest through their profiles in Intagram so that they can provide us their personal data and make them arrive the prize. If you do not receive an answer within 72 hours, the draw will be re-made again for the election of a new winner.