SISLEY Sisleyouth Anti-Pollution Enegizing Super Hydrating Youth Protector

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Hydration is the key to younger and prettier skin, more time. A busy lifestyle, a stressful day to day, exposure to pollution... These factors have different impacts on the skin. Sisley SisleYouth Anti-Pollution is a superhydrating energizing treatment that provides a complete solution against the negative impacts of all pollutants in indoor, Outdoor And new technologies related to The Blue Light.

A Complete antipollution action
A powerful cocktail of key ingredients antioxidants, protectors and free antiradicals (Buckwheat Seeds, Ginkgo Biloba extracts and Peas and vitamin E Acetate) that helps protect the skin from pollution. Youth is preserved *.

An Energizing and anti-fatigue action
The combined action of Ginseng extract, known for its energizing properties, with the mineral-rich Kiwi extract, increases skin toning and helps you recover your energy and vitality. The face looks fresh and bright. The skin is revitalized, and radiates new energy.

A superhydrating action
Sisley's superhydrating and nutritious ingredients (plant sugar, Buckwheat Seed extract and Shea Butter) contribute to abundant skin hydration. Hydrated intensely, the skin is lighted, full of vitality.

Emulsion Texture, unique and fresh, deliciously silky, with a delicious velvety matte finish. Essential oils with stimulating properties provide a fresh, energizing fragrance.
* Helps protect skin from signs of age (wrinkles, loss of firmness and luminosity).

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