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Face Skin Care Sensai is founded on the combination of the Japanese tradition and the most advanced scientific research dedicated to your skin care. The aim of Sensai is to achieve that you have a silky and beautiful skin. This is based on the natural properties of the Koishimaru Silk to enhance the production of hyaluronic acid when applied on your skin.

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Face Skin Care Sensai: The beauty ritual Saho taking care of your skin

Face Skin Care Sensai recommends you its Saho face skin care method based on its wide range of products so that the skin on your face is always perfect and reaches its maximum beauty. Moisturisers, cleansers, essences, masks, facial washes, exfoliators, and eye and lip treatments.

Its lines are made up of a large range of products that adapt to the needs of your skin at all times.

Face Skin Care Sensai Lines

  • Silky Purifying is its line for skin cleansing. It presents you its cleansers, facial washes, and extra care products for all skin types, which completely wash away all impurities, moisturises, and purifies the skin on your face.
  • Ultimate is Sensai's premium anti-aging skin care series. It provides you a variety of products to help you to achieve a rejuvenated, vital and radiant skin.
  • Prime Solution is the supreme and refreshing priming lotion. After cleansing your skin, it is essential as a first step of your daily moisturising routine for its ability to revive your skin and prepare it for the subsequent treatments.
  • Cellular Performance is the total anti-ageing skincare range. Within this line of face skin care Sensai you can find the products of the series: Hydrating, Wrinkle Repair, Extra Intensive and Lifting. It primes and nurtures your skin, providing moisturisation, firmness and translucency, and helping you to minimise and defend against wrinkles.