Autumn make-up by Clarins

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Clarins presents his fall makeup. The sweetest of all time.

The summer ends and with it comes the autumn make-up, we change the vivid and vibrant colours for slower and more sober ones, because if there is something that characterises autumn make-up it is the sweetness of its finishes: brown, pink, with touches of blue and gold will give our autumn make-up the spark we need for this time of year.

At Sabina Store and with the help of Clarins, we offer you everything you need in terms of autumn make-up products so that you are ready from day one: the trees undress to give way to a nostalgic period that has much to offer us.

Clarins' essentials to make your fall makeup perfect

If you're a makeup addict and you're always on the cutting edge, here are the autumn makeup must-have items you won't want to miss in your toiletry bag, Clarins offers the following products for you to look your best.

CLARINS 3-DOT LINER, the revolutionary eye liner, if there is something you can't miss in your fall makeup (or any season of the year), it's a good eyeliner, this one is different from the rest because it combines the precision of an eyeliner with an eyeliner pencil, if both systems are good separately, imagine yourself together!

CLARINS SKIN ILLUSION SPF 10. we lower the SPF of our make-up base a little, but without neglecting it, because it is important that your autumn make-up base also has a sun protection factor. 10 different shades of this make-up base are available to protect against pollution and antioxidants. it also hydrates your skin in depth. it is ideal for this time of year when sudden changes in temperature are already taking place. it is very easy to apply a fluid texture.

CLARINS The tanning powders that you can't miss in your autumn make-up. give your complexion a darker tone with these Clarins tanning powders. suitable for all skin types you'll get a fantastic result. more lively, brighter and with very natural finishes. thanks to its two shades the mixture will make the work oppr alone. blur and nuance your complexion to your whim. the beautiful face you have.

CLARINS WONDER VOLUME MASK: What would an autumn make-up look be like without a good mascara, get thicker, more voluminous lashes with Wonder Volume, available in two shades: brown and blue, the irreplaceable colours of this time of year.

CLARINS ROUGE ECLAT - Bring out your autumnal side with Clarins lipsticks - 12 different shades of brown and pink combined to make your lips look younger and more attractive - get a matte effect and finish off your autumn make-up with beautiful lipsticks.

CLARINS PALETTE YEUX 5 COULEURS This make-up palette perfectly combines the most autumnal shades to make your eyes look beautiful, we are talking about satin and matt textures formulated with plant and mineral extracts, buy it now in our online perfumery at the best price.

Now that you know what your fall makeup will be, all you have to do is buy everything you need and put it into practice


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