Gifts for her. Make her happy this Christmas.

Gifts for her. Make her happy this Christmas.

Published 2017-12-13

Find the ideal gifts for her at Sabina Perfumery - quality gifts at the best price.

The most important thing is that you love her, that you pamper her and that you give her the best version of you in each of your days. this is vital and she deserves it. now that christmas is coming we become more sensitive. we try to end those tasks that we set ourselves at the beginning of the year and we don't get. and we go crazy looking for gifts for her! we want to make things easier for you and help you find the perfect gift for the most special person in your life.

At Sabina Store we have prepared a very special selection of gifts for her: Perfumes, gift sets, make-up, the best and most advanced cosmetics and practical utensils that cannot be missing in a woman's beauty routine, special, quality gifts for her at the best price, because she deserves it and so do you.


In our online perfumery you can find different sections specialized in women, here you will find the most original and desired gifts for them, classified in the following categories:

1. Who doesn't give away a fragrance for Christmas? we all love to receive our favorite fragrance at this time of year, and why not, innovate. we work with the best brands on the market to offer you 100% original perfumes at very competitive prices. now is a good time to give away gift packs. your favorite fragrance in a box full of magic and charm.

2. The bathroom is one of the most intimate moments of a person, and when we talk about a woman it can become an authentic beauty ritual, have you ever thought about this type of gift for her? her favourite fragrances come not only in the form of perfumes or colognes, but also many commercial houses offer the possibility of buying shower gels, moisturising creams, deodorants, etc. In Sabina Store we offer you a wide variety of products that will make you dream of their aromas and textures

3. Accessories are also good gifts for her, and we all love to carry in our bags some useful accessories that make our lives easier, such as a toiletry bag or self-recharging perfumers.

4. Women's Cosmetics: Give a woman her favorite cream as a gift and you will conquer her forever, we offer you a wide variety of the most advanced and avant-garde brands in cosmetics, products for the face, wrinkles, eye contour, body, sensitive skin, etc. Whatever your skin type or need, here you will find your perfect cosmetics.

5. Make-up, of course, the king of kings, a good lipstick, your favourite concealer or make-up base, that infarct eyeliner or that mascara that will make you dream, you have it here at Sabina's Perfumery.

6. Natural Aloe Vera Cosmetics: For the most natural ones we offer you a section of gifts for her of Aloe Vera products, always a good option to give for Christmas.


The gifts for her that never fail are here, on this list. And you have the power today to make her happy.

1. LA VIE ESTE ESTE BELLE DE LANCÔME. It's still our best-selling perfume, everyone loves it, and for a reason, it's sweet, sensual and intense, so this wonderful fragrance becomes a top seller in our online perfume shop and in all our physical stores.

2. UAE ROCHAS SHOWER GEL - This luxurious, all-female shower gel will become your favourite shower time of the day, cleansing, hydrating and perfuming your skin.

3. NEED SIGNATURE OF VICTORIA`S SECRET: Three in one, the perfect trio to give away for Christmas, three different sizes of toiletries to suit every moment and need, its blue design and pink hearts make it extremely feminine and include it in your Christmas gifts.

4. FUTURE SOLUTION LX REGENERATION SERUM OF SHISEIDO: This revolutionary serum has enamoured the skin of thousands of women all over the world.

5. ROUGE PUR COUTURE YVES SAINT LAURENT: The lipstick that conquers and falls in love with, you will surprise her with this, choose from all the shades we have available

6. MAGNALOE 10000 PREMIUM. Restorative is a complete anti-ageing treatment with spectacular results in a single application, leaving the skin rested, smoothed, even and firm

Find the gifts for her at Sabina Perfumery and make her happy as she deserves.

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Gifts for her. Make her happy this Christmas.