Juvena Cosmetics: A brand for luxury skin.

Juvena Cosmetics: A brand for luxury skin.

Published 2018-01-17

Juvena Cosmetics is an avant-garde cosmetics, discover its wide variety of products in our Sabina Perfumery.

Juvena cosmetics takes centre stage in high perfumery, and this brand is clear about the fact that for Juvena, youth is an attitude: the security it emanates in a woman makes her beautiful; her thoughts, the light of her eyes and the radiance of her skin provided by Juvena cosmetics combine the perfect sum of beauty; the meaning of the brand's name itself comes from the Latin"juvenalis" which means youth, combined with future vision and promise

At Sabina Perfumery we offer you a wide range of Juvena cosmetics products, a Swiss company founded in 1954, combining highly avant-garde market values backed by innovative scientific research and a wide range of anti-aging products to make your skin shiny and healthy like never before, and from now on Juvena cosmetics will make your beauty ritual better

Barbara Schett, Official Ambassador of Juvena Cosmetics

No one better than this extraordinary Austrian tennis player to represent the brand's values, Juvena cosmetics represent the ultimate in luxury skin care, and Barbara reveals it perfectly: personal charm, strong personality and an essence that makes her unique, this is what Juvena women are all about

You, too, can be a Juvena woman and look your best in radiant skin.

Top Sales Cosmetics Juvena

There are four main lines of Juvena cosmetics: face, body, sun and man, and we'll talk about the firm's best-selling products below.

JUVENA MIRACLE CLEANSING WATER: Excellent facial cleanser for a gentle and refreshing cleansing, to remove make-up and dirt from everyday life, pollution, etc. Formula based on white lily extract and panthenol.

JUVENA SKIN REJUVENATE INTENSIVE NOURISHING DAY CREAM: One of the best selling products of Juvena cosmetics, it is presented in 75ml format as a wonderful rejuvenating nutritional treatment, pampering your skin and restoring softness and comfort

JUVENA MIRACLE BOOST ESSENCE: Do you want an elixir of beauty that works? here it is, it boosts the benefits of your usual treatment and shows off a spectacular skin, undoubtedly one of the essential ones if you are a lover of Juvena cosmetics, it moisturizes the skin in its point, thanks to its AGP peptide it favors the penetration of water and other molecules in the skin.

JUVENA SKIN REJUVENATE INTENSIVE NOURISHING NIGHT CREAM: Ideal for dry skin, this night cream is your best ally, it rejuvenates the skin while you sleep and nourishes it from the inside, and it is also capable of restoring the optimum amount of lipids.

Keep on discovering the rest of Juvena cosmetics at Sabina Store and place your order now, you won't regret it and your skin will thank you.

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Juvena Cosmetics: A brand for luxury skin.