Face care for men - 3 easy steps to look more beautiful than ever before

Face care for men - 3 easy steps to look more beautiful than ever before

Published 2018-02-28

It's behind me that beauty and cosmetics was just a woman's thing. And it's about time!

It's well known that for some time now, men have been taking more and more care of themselves and worrying as much as women about improving their appearance and looking better-looking, and in fact, according to a study by Men's Health magazine on Cosmetics and Men's Personal Care, 86% of men take better care of themselves than before, and that's just great because there are so many options on the market for men's facial care and if you know how to take care of yourself, you'll look better than ever and even more attractive.

Forget about using any cream or worse, to fall into the big mistake of believing that the same cream from your partner will work for you because facial care products for men are formulated to meet the specific needs of men's skin, your skin is quite demanding, it's thicker skin, between 15% and 20% thicker than women's skin, with more sebaceous glands which promotes acne and on top, you have more body hair, so the skin of your face is constantly exposed each time you shave

Learn how to create your own beauty routine and give your skin the importance it deserves.


1. Cleanse the face thoroughly: As mentioned above, male skin is thicker and contains more sebaceous glands, which makes it easier for you to get spots and blemishes, so it's essential to cleanse your face thoroughly and remove excess oil and dirt accumulated during the day, use a facial cleansing gel in the morning and evening, and put it in the shower with you and use it in the meantime to avoid using the bath gel.

For a deeper cleansing, you can exfoliate the skin of the face up to twice a week, which is great because it prepares the skin for shaving at the same time and removes all dead skin cells.

If you are a man with sensitive skin and you suffer from redness or irritation, use a specific gel for sensitive skin, otherwise you will start to hate your routine and abandon it; of course, do not use the shampoo or shower gel as it will only worsen the symptoms and make it more sensitive

2. Shave carefully: It is precisely at this time when your skin suffers the most, so don't take a shave like anything you can do in 10 minutes, to make it easier, for example, after a shower the hair will be softer and it won't cost you so much, use a shaving gel according to your skin type so that it is well protected and remove any traces of product with cold water like this, the pores will close again faster

Avoid using bad blades to avoid unnecessary cuts and irritations, and after shaving, as you know, apply a little aftershave to soothe the skin.

3. Nourishing the skin: The last and most gratifying part, it is very important that you moisturize the skin of the face very well because all of the above makes the skin very exposed, it is important to know that not all aftershave are moisturizing enough, so having an extra to nourish the skin, will ensure that we are covering all the needs that our skin needs.

Choose a face moisturizer that suits your skin type, usually men have oily skin, so it is important to use oil-free moisturizers to nourish the skin without saturating the pores, another reason not to use your partner's moisturizers because women's moisturizers contain oils and if you use this type of moisturizer, you run the risk of suffering from acne and pimples unnecessarily.

It is one of the most important and forgotten areas in any facial routine for men, but it has been proven that the application of a specific product for this area will greatly improve the appearance of both eye bags and wrinkles, if you have dry skin, this type of product is essential for you because it is easier for cockerel legs to mark on dry skin and keep them moisturized, you will be able to hide them.

The best face care products for men

Among the countless products for facial care for men that exist, at Sabina Store we wanted to collect a few that, without a doubt, we know can be very useful for your daily life

AQUAPOWER CLEANSER:The ideal cleansing gel for everyday use because it gives you a feeling of freshness for hours at a time while deeply cleansing your face and keeping your skin soft and supple.

D-SENSITIVE RASAGE MOUSSE: A shaving gel whose foamy texture helps to soften the hair and reduce the possible irritations caused by shaving.

AQUAPOWER GLACIAL GEL 72H: A super treatment to achieve a deep moisturizing effect on the skin all day long, the texture is designed exclusively for men, so that it is light and not annoying when applied to the face. 100% freshness, the sensation when you use it is like the effect of water on the skin.

AGUAPOWER EYE DE-PUFFER:The perfect ally for relieving the eye contour area, thanks to the caffeine and menthol it contains, it will help you with congestion in that area, reducing eye bags and refreshing that area.

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Face care for men - 3 easy steps to look more beautiful than ever before