Even Better Makeup SPF15

CLINIQUE Even Better Makeup SPF15

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Even Better Makeup SPF15 by Clinique

30 ml

Lightweight makeup with adjustable coverage from light to medium, which provides an immediate and very trendy luminosity, providing treatment benefits over time. It unifies skin tone, increases luminosity and visibly reduces the appearance of dark spots.

Apply a small amount starting in the center of the face and blurring outwards using a makeup brush or fingertips. Blur the edges well and create the desired coverage. Continue to apply powders if additional coverage is desired. Remove the product using make-up removers.

Expert trick: Want extreme luminosity? Mix the product with a few drops of Clinique Smart Treatment Oil. Apply 2-3 drops directly to the skin before applying makeup or mix the oil with the moisturiser to create a juicy foundation before makeup. This technique is perfect for dry skin.

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