Daring. Vibrant. Amazing. Sublime. Color has never been so much fun!

There are no rules in Love, so create, mix and play to get your own look. Use just one scan or more if you want to get a custom color or a selfie-worthy style. Start creating your list today. Four finishes that are trendy with different shades that are a "must".

  • Ultra Mate: the boldest and most vibrant. Long Duration: Maintains that "newly applied" appearance for hours.
  • Pearl effect: high brightness, high impact. Soft texture.
  • Metallized: brings shine to the extreme with its chromatic effect.
  • Creamy: spectacular lips with a creamy touch.

Each tone is soft and slides easily, does not dry lips and lasts for several hours. Pure Color Love is packed with a cocktail of pomegranate fruits and vegetables, mango and aaai. You will feel your lips soft and hydrated. What about the smell? A light touch of 'cupcake' makes Pure Color Love irreverent, irresistible and absolutely addictive.

With Pure Color Love, it's about you and your attitude. The precision tip helps create a heart attack lip. Mix to get your own look.

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