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Face Skin Care Shiseido is born from the deep desire to take care of your skin, achieving its best potential and stimulating its innate ability to improve itself. Shiseido is the most awarded brand in the history of the cosmetic industry, thanks to the research and development of new formulas for skin care. The Japanese company has been inspired since its foundation in gathering beauty and health in the products that makes for your face skin care.

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Face Skin Care Shiseido: Art and science combined in your skin care

Face Skin Care Shiseido offers you customized treatments according to your needs so that you always show a beautiful and natural skin. Cleansers, makeup removers, eye & lip care, hydrating mist, soothing oils, face masks, moisturizers, creams, softeners, balancing lotions, toners, creams, serums, and anti-aging serums.

Its product lines offer you a large number of products made with high performance active ingredients that stimulate the effect of the treatment on your skin.

Face Skin Care Shiseido Lines

  • Ultimune strengthens your skin’s natural defensive system, being suitable for all ages and skin types. Favors the benefits of the subsequent beauty treatments, making your skin smooth, supple, and with fewer fine lines.
  • Pureness is the ideal solution for young women with combination and normal-to-oily skin. It has purifying powers that bring balance to the skin, improving the ability of self-hydration of the skin on your face and keeping oil under control.
  • Ibuki is the Face Skin Care Shiseido line recommended for all skin types and women in their mid 20’s to early 30’s. Helps the skin of your face to naturally restore itself, you will hydrate, perfect, and protect your skin achieving luminosity and stability.
  • Future Solution LX slows down aging, repairs and restores your skin cells, enhancing its beauty. With the result that your skin looks smoother, softer, radiant and rejuvenated.
  • Bio-Performance is a set of high quality products of intensive treatment with high efficciency and visible effects for all skin types. LiftDynamic: lifts, firms and sculpts your skin, while Glow Revival: eliminates dullness and redness, achieving a uniform skin tone.
  • Benefiance you have two options depending on the requirements of your skin at different stages of your life. WrinkleResist24 created to meet the needs of the skin 24 hours a day for women in their 40’s. Provides long term benefits and comfort to your skin. NutriPerfect developed for women in their 50’s and 60’s with mature skin showing effects linked with hormonal changes. Strengthens the affected skin and helps replenish the nutrients to your skin to strengthen its cells and repair wrinkles and flaccidity.
  • Essentials is the line of specialized products designed to be used simultaneously with your daily corrective treatment. Offers solutions to remove makeup and to clean, obtaining a skin free of impurities, as well as masks, and specific beauty treatments that suit your needs.
  • White Lucency has been devised for women of any age and skin type who enjoy the sun. Allows you to act in advance against the damages that the sun can produce in your skin in the future and to have always a perfect skin with a glowing complexion, luminous and radiant.